Lee, Moore & Richmond Counties

About GFS

About GFS

Key Points of the Green Fields Sandhills:  
• A vibrant agricultural sector is a critical component of a sustainable and self-reliant community.
• When more locally grown and produced food is available, consumers benefit from healthier options, fresher taste and more connection with local producers, creating strong community networks.
• Supporting local agriculture encourages and supports both food and non-food businesses including entrepreneurial agribusiness.
• Community support for local agriculture improves the profitability of farming, which in turn encourages more and younger people to enter agriculture, resulting in greater viability of rural lands and lifestyles over the long term.

In 2010, USDA Rural Development partnered with North Carolina Cooperative Extension to deliver the “Stronger Economies Together” (SET) initiative to improve and enhance regional economies. A core team in Lee, Moore and Richmond Counties took information gleaned from extensive trainings and interviews with key stakeholders, government and community agencies to create a Strategic Economic Development Plan for the Sandhills based on sustainable agriculture, called the Green Fields Initiative.

From this initiative and plan, Green Fields Sandhills was created in 2015 as a non profit corporation. Green Fields Sandhills will promote and support the economic viability of agriculture and forestry for the benefit of the Sandhills region. 

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